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Family is our first social group. This is where we learn our first values and perspectives as our families teach us how to interpret and view the world as well as communicate and respond to each other. Our families can be a great source of love and support. However life events such as health issues, marital difficulties, the addition of new family members due to birth, adoption, marriage or partnership, work or financial issues, substance abuse/recovery or dealing child/teen behaviors like anxiety, school refusal or rebellion can be a source of disruption and pain.

I can help you and your family work through challenges by helping you understand and positively change the way you communicate and work together to solve problems. This is an interactive process to help you gain a greater understanding of how your family functions by looking at the spoken and unspoken rules as well as the roles and behaviors that may be a source of conflict. We will look at how your family solves problems and expresses thoughts and feelings and set goals that allow you to gain ways of interacting that strengthen family relationships as you gain greater harmony and understanding of each other.

Family therapy takes many forms and can include parents, siblings and extended family members and is often used in conjunction with other types of therapy. For example, issues with children and teens often benefit from additional family sessions to identify and change the interactions that may be keeping challenging behaviors or lifestyle choices in place.

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Jeannette Harroun is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist/Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor in Lafayette, CA specializing in child, teen, parent and family support.
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