Who’s Your ANT? Worry

February 23, 2016
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There are four categories of ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts): Worry, Critic, Victim, and Perfectionist. As humans, we’re all open to an infestation of one, some, or all of the ANT types; however, I find that people tend to have “favorites.” Worry is your ANT of choice if your thoughts go towards catastrophe, pessimism, “knowing” what.. read more →

Does Your Brain Suffer ANT Infestations?

January 24, 2016
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Kid or adult, the occasional negative thought is normal. It’s OK to feel bad about a mistake, worry how you did on a test, or wish you performed better. If you find yourself seeing more problems than solutions, constantly worrying, or feeling anxious and frustrated – then it is likely your brain is suffering from.. read more →